The cloud developer's toolkit takes shape - CWDN

A new term is being proposed - Cloud Developer. As with many new terms, it may never stick but it does strike me that this is a new type of developer. A cloud developer is not a software developer working on a virtualisation platform; it's a developer working with a system which includes the Internet, users and their interactions within its components.

Devops Performance Review - 50% fewer failures

A recent report by Puppet Labs, a provider of automation software, indicates a high performance increase in companies moving to a devops model of software development and deployment. Report can be found here.

Albeit that this is a single report sponsored by a vendor supporting devops, the figures are eye openning. A 50% reduction in failure rate accompanied with a 30 fold increase (presumably from a small base), in deployments. This latter figure translates to much smaller batch sizes (and therefore risk) and earlier market testing.

Devops may not be for all types of development, but where it can be used these results indicate that the returns may be significant.